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Hi, and welcome to my page. I offer a variety of services for people from every walk of life. If you were sent to this page it is probably for a specific service. 

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Crowd Funded Cashback Community™

Being a partner with us is not just profitable… it’s an experience.

Crowd Funded Cashback Community™, where you can earn cashback by referring new users to the app. CFCC was founded by Michael E. Jordan, a successful entrepreneur with a passion for creating innovative solutions to help people achieve their financial goals.

An experience of opportunity

An experience of growth

An experience of community

Hi, I'm

Michael E. Jordan

Hi, I am Michael,
Founder and CEO of the Michael E. Jordan Group™

I created the Crowd Funded Cashback Community™ the world’s 1st international, by referral, members only affiliate program. Where we pay the members 65% of all revenue generated, to make social media participation profitable. This allows people (in every country where the USA has normalized relations) with an internet connection and the ability to access a social media platform to potentially earn cashback.

What’s exactly what you’re going to get when you sign up for your…

Michael E. Jordan GROUP™

My guarantee to the Community is to share a minimum of 65% of every dollar earned by Michael E. Jordan Group™ properties with Community members

My job is to add tried and tested products, goods and services which are desirable to people worldwide, people who are online anyway, and provide the Michael E. Jordan Group™ EXCLUSIVE PRICING (unattainable anywhere else) for the members of the Community.

I am constantly challenging my developers and code writers to think outside the box so that the Community will be relevant 500 years from now. Read More

The MEJ Group is dedicated to transforming the lives of millions worldwide. Through innovative products and social initiatives, they create positive change. They offer job opportunities, invest in education, and drive technological advancements. Their commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and affordable, accessible solutions uplifts and empowers individuals, enhancing their quality of life.

We’re Online Anyway

Why Not Make Money From It And Take Advantages Of Great Deals​

Here is how: A minimum of 65% of the earnings from all Michael E. Jordan Group, LLC™ owned properties, will be contributed to the Community. The 65% is distributed over the 6 referral levels of available Crowd Funded Cashback™. When Community members personally refer a new Community member, and that referred Community member then purchases products, goods or services, and/or pays a monthly subscription to any of the EXCLUSIVELY PRICED Michael E. Jordan Group™ offers, that member becomes an Active Community member (ACFCC™).

An ACFCC™ is a Community member who has an up-to-date, active, paid monthly subscription to a minimum of one of the products, goods or services offered to the Community.

my ventures

Building businesses to offer best products & services possible

The CFCC app offers you a unique opportunity to earn commissions when people you refer make purchases from CFCC app.

That Insurance Service is a Trusted Professional Insurance Agency

Cashback Community TV provides an affordable entertainment option including Live TV, Movies, and TV Series

Exclusive Travel memberships that allow you find a lower price on Tours, Hotels, Car Rental, Cruise, Activities and many more

A location-based service that businesses use to engage their audience who enter a pre-defined location or area

At Cashback Community Store, members receive valuable cashback rewards on every purchase their referrals make​

MEJ Group Business Suite is a self hosted customer relationship management software. An all-in-one tool for managing your clients, projects, leads, tasks, invoices, payments ++. Pay once and use it forever.

Effortlessly handle user inquiries, deliver personalized responses, and resolve common issues with the MEJ Group AI Chat Bot

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